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Video shoot.

So we are shooting this weeks video as I post this. I think it is safe to say that this could turn into one of the top favorite videos among the crew and others involved. For all the LRR fans out there all I can say is look forward to Monday. We shall rock your face off.

No picture for this update.


Something seems off

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something seems a little odd about this picture.


My lunch

So this is my lunch today and what my lunches have looked like for the past week and a bit. My girlfriend, Matt, Graham are back on “A salad a day” diet. It’s really suppose to be “60 days of salad” but we are going strong until our Seattle trip. At which point there will be a 5 day break, and then back to it. Mix this with exercise and I should be bikini ready for Mexico in January.


Cute puppy

This is my sisters new dog. His name is monty and he is Burmese mountain dog. He is beyond cute right now. But soon he will push 120 pounds.


Matt sucks at guitar hero

So I am currently chilling out at Matt and Grahams place with Ashley. Matt is playing guitar hero and failing, which can be seen by this photo.


Satans Hottub

This, I would wager is what Satans hot tub would look like if he was to own one. My guess is because it is rattled with holes, he would have a constant stream of boiling blood from the bodies of the dammed. Or maybe he’s a stuckup asshole and demands it be filled with 100% Dasani filtered water*

*this is what happens when I allow my mind to wander.


Van Wilder

Sitting at home tonight watching Van Wilder. This is a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, do so.


I hate advertising.

I hate seeing shit like this. I mean what does that picture have to do anything? Let alone hearing loss.


Another Staff BBQ

Two nights. Two staff BBQs. Good eats, lots of old people.


Video Shoot

We are out shooting a video for the site right now. What’s that? You have never heard about Go there now.