My lunch

So this is my lunch today and what my lunches have looked like for the past week and a bit. My girlfriend, Matt, Graham are back on “A salad a day” diet. It’s really suppose to be “60 days of salad” but we are going strong until our Seattle trip. At which point there will be a 5 day break, and then back to it. Mix this with exercise and I should be bikini ready for Mexico in January.



5 comments so far

  1. Wilsonx1999 on

    Mexico? really? awesome :3 what part of my country will you visiting?

  2. jameslrr on

    Bucerias I believe.

  3. Lissette on

    um, you know that cheese (if that was cheese) adds up to 140 calories to your meal…just fyi…adding dressing adds another 100+, so have your salad smart.

  4. St Ricktopher on

    That mental image of you in a bikini just will not go away.
    Thank you.

  5. Tim on

    Though wasn’t it Morgan Bill and your other friend with the bikinis in S1?

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