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A question answered

So I, like many others, often lay awake at night wondering about the big questions of life. “Why are we here”?, “Is there really a god”?, and “Where do giants get clothes pegs”? Well I can finally lay one of those questions to rest. It turns out giants get clothes pegs at the pottery bar. Who da’ thunk it.

On a related note, the pottery barn was kinda a let down. Not much pottery and it wasn’t a barn at all. Such bullcrap!


Because I can

So if you were to go to the “about page” of this blog you will see my original plan was to have 75% of the of the posts come from my Iphone and the remaining be from my actual computer. As of today I have posted a total of 0 of my entries from my computer. Tonight things are going to change, but only because I have a lot of shit I kinda wanna write about tonight. Another unpublished aspect of this blog was it wasn’t going to be a big touchy feely kinda blog about feelings and shit but I am going to have to go against that one as well. 3 topics are strong in my mind right now. My current location and the feelings that have been present the last 24 hours, a more in depth review of the Radiohead concert and why it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and Kevin Smith (because that man is my hero)

So first and formost I am currently in the basement of my friends Lissette’s house in Calgary visiting for the weekend. As some may or may not know Lissette moved away from Victoria 2 years ago and I haven’t seen her since. We have talked and what not, but I haven’t ever had to experience having a good friend move away and not seeing them for 2 years. Over my lifetime I have had a couple really fast moving friendships, we meet one day and 2 weeks later we know far more about each other than we probably should, Lissette was one of these people. To add to the awesomeness that has been visiting her, Tagg and Nat (old friends we use to hang out with a lot in Victoria) are here as well. So it has been 24 hours of “Remember that time” or “Wasn’t that night awesome”. I am a huge sucker for Nostalgia, I don’t long for the past so much as I really enjoy sitting around and remember awesome times had with friends. It has been a very weird experience just falling right back into the swing of things. Now obviously people are missing that could make things even more a “Blast from the past” but I think any more people might be sensory overload. Regardless it has been a awsome first couple days and I look forward to the rest of the weekend. Not the metion we all got to go the gun range today and shoot some fucking guns. That was a blast.

So the next thing I want to talk about is the Radiohead concert. I have had a good couple of days to really let that whole experience sink in, and feel I can properly put it into words that will do it justice. To say it was the best concert I have ever been to would be a tremendous understatement. Radiohead is my favorite band of all time. It has been a band that I have consistantly listened to since grade 9 when someone introduced me to this little album called “OK Computer” for 3 years that was one of my favorite albums of all time. And then they released Kid A in October of 2000. A couple months later my Uncle passed away very unexpectedly and was the first death I had ever really had to deal with. He was a really cool guy, he was one of the few people in my family that was very interested in new technology and I always looked forward to family dinners to explain things like “The Internet” and “Napster” or show him how my new computer worked or what have you. To this day I still miss him anytime I get a new gadget (you can imagine my heartache when the Iphone came out, he would have loved that thing :P) Anyways, when he died I turned to music pretty heavily to get me through it. And at the top of that list was Radiohead and their album “Kid A”. It is an album that has shaped the way I enjoy music, in fact Radiohead is a band that has changed the way I listen to music. It would be a flat out lie to say I wasn’t a little giddy about the prospect of seeing them live. Now concerts in general are a fairly new thing for myself and I have no one but Adam to thank for that, if it wasn’t for that guy I wouldn’t be the concert lover I am today so a big thanks goes out to that kid. I never thought a live show could be such an amazing experience. And I think it might be safe to say that Radiohead has ruined me for live concerts. We arrived at the concert on Tuesday night and the vibe was just incredible, people were talking and laughing, discussing what songs they would die to hear. Typical things to hear at a Rock show but this seemed different somehow. It had been a pretty iffy day when it came to weather, and at the time I was cursing the clouds, because who wants it to rain at a huge outdoor concert? But when Radiohead hit the stage the rain started to fall and it fell and fell and fell. And didn’t stop falling until today really. But my god, the rain was incredible, as lame as it sounds it was almost magical, it took their music to a whole new level. To be surrounded by 20,000 people in the pouring rain while they played songs that somehow managed to sound 1000 times better than the first time you heard and fell in love with them was one of the most amazing feelings of all time. It is something I never will forget. I have said it to a couple people and mentioned it in the very quick blog post a couple days ago, but that was as close to a life changing concert I believe is possible. I was instantly seperated from the people I went to the show with, but was easily able to make friends with others in the crowd. I met an awesome couple from Quebec, and a couple really cool guys from Vancouver. All of whom had never seen Radiohead before and were all feeling exactly the same way I was. I want to thank every member of the Radiohead crew and the band, you guys put on an amazing show.

Now you are probably wondering about the whole Kevin Smith thing. It is no secret I have a huge man crush on that man. And I just got finished watching Clerks 2 for the umpteenth time, but thats ok, cause that movie will never get old. That movie has the ablity to make yourself look at your life and really enjoy what you have going for yourself. Because at least your not in a prison cell after watching a big dude fuck a donkey. Now wether or not that is what Smith wanted me to take away from the movie is in question, but that is how I look at it. I watch his movies and listen to his dialog and everything else just seems so trivial. He has had a huge impact on the way I live my life and for the better in my opinion. He is a huge reason I still love doing what we all do with LRR. I love to know that while I might not be reaching the number of people he does I still take part in something on a weekly basis that brings a smile to peoples faces. I love that feeling. I also love that If we do this long enough or connect with the right people one of these days i might get to meet the man in more of a relaxed setting where i might actually get to talk to him for more than 3 minutes. Not that I have even talked to him for 3 minutes yet 😛

So its now 1:37 in the morning. And my word counter is telling me i have just reach 1344 words. I honestly don’t think I have typed this much out since I was in school. And looking back at my grammer and my spelling I can see why all that didn’t end better than it did 😛 Good night guys. Hope you don’t tl:dr this cause I really enjoyed writing it. Just don’t expect something this long again for a very long time.

Gat, Gat Mother people having sex

So myself, Duncan, Lissette, Marcel, Tagg and Nat just finished up at the shooting range here in Calgary. I won’t lie there was something a little uneasy about being in a small room with 8 people a 6 active firearms. But that feeling went away the second I fired the first shot. We got to fire a couple .30 mm a .45mm a hella toned down version of a colt, a magnum, and a pump action shotgun. The shotgun was my fav, mind you I will be feeling that one in the morning.


So last night was the Radiohead concert. I am honestly still trying to find the words to describe what that concert was. It was amazing, as life altering as a concert can be. It rained, a lot, but that only added to the show. Thom Yorke is amazing at what he does. He isn’t bouncing around the stage and chating with the crowd every time they break from a song, but he conected the the audience better than I have ever seen anyone else do in my life. I seperated from the people I went with (Graham, Kathleen and Matt) and met some really cool people. A couple guys and a girl from Van, A girl and her boyfriend from Montreal, I think (starting to forget the specifics) and some dude passed out and fell right into me. Good times. Minus a couple retards I was beside for a couple songs the crowd was amazing. The rain didn’t phase them one bit. If you can tolerate/like/enjoy/love/ Radiohead trust me when I say find someway of going to one of there outdoor shows in the future. Trust me.

So here I am…

So here I am minding my own business during my workday, and I come across this ladder leading to big hole in the wall. Normally I would steer clear, but something was amiss with this particular hole. So I decided to climb up a have a peek.

Well wouldn’t you know it, I found a passage to Narnia. I would have taken pictures but that goat bastard Mr. Tumnis stole my phone.

So off I went on this wild goose chase through all of Narnia. I ran into Aslan, he’s kind of a dick, true story. Played a game of hockey with the Ice Queen, rocked her face. And finally caught up to the goat and got my iPhone back. The ass drained the battery looking at smut, so once again I was boned for taking actual pictures.

Anyways I found my way out and am now happily back to work. If you ever get the chance to go to Narnia I’d say skip it. Or at the very least bring a sandwich.


So i haven’t posted in this blog for the last couple days because I have been a pretty busy little boy.

A mix of watching the Olympics, Myself and Ashley going to town on our house (of which is pictured below) and shooting a bunch of stuff for LRR have led me to have a fun filled weekend.

But only one more week of work and then its 2 weeks of vacation, which is the first time off work I have had since our Road Trip last year (which was far from relaxing) Mind you with the Radiohead concert, a quick little road trip to Calgary/Edmonton and a long weekend in Seattle, this “vacation” doesn’t look all that relaxing either.

So tired

So today was the first day back after the long weekend and that is always fun. But boy what a long freaking day back.

Pictured below is why I am so freaking tired.

That is a total of 67 Venetian blinds. Sooooo lame.



My weekend



My weekend

So my weekend consists of hanging out in Powell river with ashleys family and relaxing. Just got finished up a game of 9 holes of golf and was very pleased with how I did. Here be my score card.



So tonight will go down as a great night. That’s really all I have to say. Was really good to see everyone tonight.

No picture for this post