So last night was the Radiohead concert. I am honestly still trying to find the words to describe what that concert was. It was amazing, as life altering as a concert can be. It rained, a lot, but that only added to the show. Thom Yorke is amazing at what he does. He isn’t bouncing around the stage and chating with the crowd every time they break from a song, but he conected the the audience better than I have ever seen anyone else do in my life. I seperated from the people I went with (Graham, Kathleen and Matt) and met some really cool people. A couple guys and a girl from Van, A girl and her boyfriend from Montreal, I think (starting to forget the specifics) and some dude passed out and fell right into me. Good times. Minus a couple retards I was beside for a couple songs the crowd was amazing. The rain didn’t phase them one bit. If you can tolerate/like/enjoy/love/ Radiohead trust me when I say find someway of going to one of there outdoor shows in the future. Trust me.


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  1. Cacho on

    Pictures!!! Can you post pictures directly from your iPhone?

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