Gat, Gat Mother people having sex

So myself, Duncan, Lissette, Marcel, Tagg and Nat just finished up at the shooting range here in Calgary. I won’t lie there was something a little uneasy about being in a small room with 8 people a 6 active firearms. But that feeling went away the second I fired the first shot. We got to fire a couple .30 mm a .45mm a hella toned down version of a colt, a magnum, and a pump action shotgun. The shotgun was my fav, mind you I will be feeling that one in the morning.


2 comments so far

  1. Lord Chrusher on

    You are a little off on the units. Those calibers are fractions of an inch not millimeter.

  2. Lissette on

    Who the fuck cares?! They’re guns! Hi!

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