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Thats Odd

So I made a post yesterday and coming to the actual site now It would seem that the post did not take. And looking in my Iphone it ain’t there either. How Lame. Well the overall tone of the post from yesterday is that Jonathan Coulton is a really great musician, and I regret not seeing his full concert when I was at PAX.¬†



Stupid Drill

So I am sitting around my job this morning waiting for my drill battery to charge! It’s my own dumb fault, but I would much rather blame someone else for my bout of stupid. If anyone has a good suggestion for who I could blame this on let me know. Also I am sorry I haven’t posted an iPhone update for a while. I refuse to let this thing die, so expect a post a day till Friday for sure.


You know what pisses me off

People on the internet, but more importantly people on the internet who whine and complain like they own the fucking place. A terrific example is Facebook. Now I love facebook. It allows me to keep in touch with people I would other wise not, it’s a fantastic way of organizing local events for friends and family alike and it has to be the best place on the web to very easily share your pictures.

But certain people will always find fault, even when these people are avid users of the service. There are 2 different kind of whinners on Facebook. First are the people who whine and bitch about the amount of information that Facebook HQ is privy to and how they choose to share this kind of information with other partners of theirs. Now I’m sorry, but any and all information you post to your Facebook profile is of your own will. People who post phone numbers, addresses, class scheduels and other information that does not need to be shared with 100 million people¬† are fucking dumb to turn around and get all pissy that Facebook shares that kind of information with ad buyers and various other partners. If you don’t want people to find this kind of shit out, DON’T FUCKING POST IT!!!

The second kinda of whinny bitch Facebook has seen a lot of over the past couple weeks are the people who are not at all happy with the new design of Facebook. Facebook is a free fucking service, If everyone was paying a couple bucks a month to have be able to log in then i would feel more inclinded to not freak out at people who hate the new design, but as it stands Facebook is FREE!!! Stop whinning over a terrific service given to you free of cost when they decide to change things up a little bit. If you people would just take a couple minutes to figure out the new design and realize that it is in fact a much better product than ever before we wouldn’t all be in this mess!!!

That is my rant for the day.

I want my Bobo

Whenever I see one of these ice machines I can’t not think about that episode of the simpsons with bobo the bear. It has one of the greatest jokes in the history of the simpsons. First person to say the joke wins a prize.


So at my place of work we have a work bench dedicated to the making of drapery tracks. I spend a couple hours a week here and for the last year there has been a odd object that has nor moved (until today when I took this picture) I mean come on, there’s suggestive and then there this.


Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple days. I have been in Seattle for the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo and that has kept me pretty busy. In regards to the actual convention, three words can sum it up pretty nicely. “It was fucking awesome.” It was so awesome that I can’t even count words properly. Anyways I might get around to posting a bit more information at a later date. But for now you should go and check out the last couple Loading Times over at