I want my Bobo

Whenever I see one of these ice machines I can’t not think about that episode of the simpsons with bobo the bear. It has one of the greatest jokes in the history of the simpsons. First person to say the joke wins a prize.


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  1. Allen! on

    Here’s something that should cheer you up, sir! It’s me, sir; Bobo! Hug me! Squeeze me!

    Tug at my fur…

  2. corncob on

    “you have to sell this for more then 2 dollars a bag, we lost 3 men on the last expedition”
    “can you think of a better way to get ice”

  3. lissette15 on

    I have a few, here they go:

    1. Bart: Hey Apu, this bag has a head in it!
    Apu: Oooh, A head bag! Those are chock-full of….heady goodness.

  4. lissette15 on

    2. Homer: Here’s an impression of Mr. Burns that I think you’ll find, a little…cheeky. (Pulls down his pants with a sad face painted on his butt.)
    (People gasp)
    Homer: (With a different Voice) I’m Mr. Burns. (Shakes his butt) Blah blah blah. Do this, do that. Blah blah blah. I think I’m so big. Blah blah blah. (edit)

    3.Smithers: On another topic, the preparations for your birthday have begun.
    Mr. Burns: I won’t get what I really want.
    Smithers: No one does.
    (He imagines Mr. Burns appearing half-naked out of a cake and singing happy birthday to him.)

    Smithers: Who’s…Bobo, sir?
    Mr. Burns: Bobo? Duh..uh, I meant Lobo…Sherrif Lobo, they should have never canceled that show.
    Cut to Homer waking up from nightmare: Lobo! Lobo!

  5. lissette15 on

    BUt my vote is for the first one I posted.

  6. jameslrr on

    Corncob is the winner!!!

  7. corncob on

    eat my dust ‘people who know useful stuff’

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