Stupid Drill

So I am sitting around my job this morning waiting for my drill battery to charge! It’s my own dumb fault, but I would much rather blame someone else for my bout of stupid. If anyone has a good suggestion for who I could blame this on let me know. Also I am sorry I haven’t posted an iPhone update for a while. I refuse to let this thing die, so expect a post a day till Friday for sure.



5 comments so far

  1. Eric on

    Blame Hitachi. And what is Hitachi doing making friggin’ cordless drills anyway? And who gave that thing to you? If you had to purchase it yourself, I’m sorry… But if it was bought for you, someone had better tell the purchasing agent that there are better drills out there….

    Wow, that sounded like I actually knew alot more about cordless drills than I actually do…

  2. Duncan on

    When in doubt, blame Bill

  3. Michiel on

    How about this one: because of the economic turmoil, many US workers aren’t motivated to do their job. This means that the electricity that was imported to charge your battery (which was indeed fully charged like it should have been!) was especially weak and couldn’t power the drill for more than a minute or two.

  4. Tim on

    I agree with Duncan.

  5. the_amativeness on

    Did anyone else see that picture, and think that:

    1) The wallpaper was actually floor tile.
    2) The counter top was a wall
    3) There is a drill glued to the wall.


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