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So this past summer has been awesome. Great weather and good holidays. But the simple fact is fall is far and away the best season of the year. It not so damn warm anymore, but it’s also not as cold as winter. Their is lots of rain (like today) and the smell is fantastic. Most people give me funny looks when I tell them this but I have cone to accept it.

What is your fav. Season? And why?


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  1. steelfeather on

    Summer. I hate cold weather and get really cranky if the temperature drops below comfortable.

  2. Tim on

    If I can wear shorts and sandals, I’m happy. I also have no qualms about wearing flipflops, shorts, a t-shirt and a hoodie.

    So basically I like late spring to mid fall.

  3. AeroCmdr on

    I would say the fall. Down here it’s not too hot or too cold so it’s quite nice. The summer is kind of bad however and it can get quite hot.

  4. Allen! on

    You only like the Fall cause that’s when your birthday is.

  5. Emperor Gum on

    Summer, for the same reason as you; it’s not as hot as the continent, but it isn’t as bad as the rest of the year. British weather sucks!

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