Happy Birthday to me

So today was my 25th birthday. Not a big deal really, but still a little disconcerning when I really start to think about it. However i am going to ignore those thoughts for now and just let you know how my weekend was.

Last night was my Birthday party of sorts. Had a couple close friends over to my place for some predrinking fun and games and then headed down to Hugos, a local bar, whose last night in existence was yesterday. So we headed down early to assure us getting in. Once there we had a really good time. Along with people I were expecting for my birthday were some other welcome guests. A couple people I use to work with, who i hadn’t seen in a couple years. And Coral, Caitlin and Allie were there as well. Twas a fun night all in all.

Today was my actual birthday. Slept in till 11, woke up with a really bad hangover headache got rid of that in a couple hours and cleaned up the mess that was my living room. Then we made up a nice hearty breakfast and played some Rockband 2 and watched the last couple episodes of South Park. Tonight was dinner at my with Ashley, my mom, dad, sister and brother in law. Watched the baseball game for a bit and then headed home. WELCOME TO RIGHT NOW! For the remainder of the night I am going to just chill in a quite house with Ashley as the guys are out playing D&D tonight.

Thanks to everyone that made my birthday weekend a great success!! Same time next year?


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  1. Shandi on

    On the birthday note, I’ve noticed time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

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