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One more day.

So as i type this post we are just a mere 27 hours away from taking that wretched bus for another couple trips between Las Vegas and Tucson. Things are shaping up pretty well all things considered. I would be lying if this is what we were hoping Desert Bus 2008 to be, but you know what? Things are looking pretty damn good. We have some cool people calling in through out the event. Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy fame will be showing up for a hour of driving fun. Jeremy Baker from the Zone is hoping to stop by on Monday and take the bus for a spin. As of right now we are sitting comfortably at 1600.00 dollars and a solid 70 hours of play time. Which means we are going till at least Monday @ 4pm.

Please make sure you take some time this weekend (and more than likely early next week) to stop by and check out how we are all doing.


There Are Much Worse Things To Believe In

So Christmas is coming up soon. In fact its only one month away as of today.

Its a funny time of year isn’t it? I know a lot of people who seem to be fed up with Christmas and what it has become. You know those people, the ones who think marketing and toys and the big box stores have ruined what is suppose to be the happiest time of year. Or those people who truly believe in saying Happy Holidays and all that nonsence. Heven forbid you tell a Jewish person to have a Merry Christmas. I would like to think we live in a time where people will just take that as a “I hope the next couple weeks treat you well and you enjoy your time with family and friends”

Its this stuff that has gone through my head the last couple years. And then when I got home today I finally got a chance to watch “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All” and what a fantastic watch that is. I would suggest those of every faith and believe structure to give this show an hour of your time. The music is top notch and its funny as hell. But the final song that really got me thinking. Its called “There are much worse things to believe in” And it goes a little something like this.

Go here for the video:


Elvis: There are cynics, there are skeptics
There are legions of dispassionate dyspeptics
Who regard this time of year as a maudlin insincere
Cheezy crass commercial travesty of all that we hold dear
Stephen: When they think that
Well, I can hear it
But I pity them their lack of Christmas spirit
For in a world like ours, take it from Stephen
There are much worse things to believe in.

Elvis: A redeemer and a savior, an obese man giving toys for good behavior
Stephen: The faith in what might be and the hope that we might see
The answer to all sorrow in a box beneath the tree
Find them foolish
Elvis: Sentimental
Stephen: Well you’re clearly none too bright
Both: so we’ll be gentle
Stephen: Don’t even try to start vaguely conceiving
Both: Of all much worse things to believe in

Stephen: Believe in the judgment, believe in Jihad
Believe in a thousand variations on a dark and spiteful god
Elvis: You’ve got your money, you’ve got your power
You’ve got your science, and all the planets going to end within the hour
Stephen: You’ve got your dreams that don’t come true
Elvis: You’ve got the ones that do
Stephen: Then you’ve got your nothing
Both: Some folks believe in nothing
But if you believe in nothing
Then what’s to keep the nothing from coming for you

Stephen: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Now if you’ll forgive me there’s a lot to do here
There are stockings still unhung
Colored lights I haven’t strung
Elvis: And a one-man four-part Christmas carol waiting to be sung
Stephen: Call me silly, call me sappy
Call me many things, the first of which is happy
You doubt, but your sad
I don’t, but I’m glad
Both: I guess we’re even
Stephen: At least that’s what I believe in
Both: And there are much worse things

The message in this video is pretty simple. Yah Christmas has gotten commercial and what not, but there are much worse things to believe in. Which is so insanely well put.

Sooooo Hiiiiiiigh

This is me right now. It’s kinda scary. 25 feet up in a lift that wobbles a lot in a church, so I can’t even swear!!

Because God told me to.

So what have I been up to for the last couple days.

Work has picked up a bit which has been nice. I was out at this house today in East Sooke, crazy nice place with crazy nice views of the East Sooke Park. If i was extremely wealthy that would definately be my summer home. Its one of those jobs where the owners spent almost double what I make in a year on blinds for their home. That always hurts my head. I mean I understand they aren’t cheap and everything but my god, does tens of thousands of dollars really need to be speant on blinds? I am almost certain the answer is no.

My last post had me whinning a little bit about being “the computer guy” as of late. Its a love hate relationship really. I don’t mind working on my friends computers but sometimes when shit goes horribly wrong (ie. Adams computer) it starts to get on my nerves. I was over at Jeremy and Corals place tonight helping him get his computer all formated and up and running again. Pretty cool way to spend my Thursday night, instead of sitting around my own house watching TV and chatting with my roomates, I was at their house watching TV and chatting with them. Been a while since i hung out with another couple, the only thing missing was the other half of my couple, maybe I should invite them over on a Thursday for Pizza, Beer (that I could actually drink) and The Office (segway)

God I love that show. Thursday is the best night for TV, you got The Office and 30 Rock. Two of the best shows on television right now.

Those two make up my all time favorite TV couple. The last couple episodes have kind kept you guessing what is goign to happen with them. They keep leading you to believe shits going to go down again, but at the last minute they turn it around and give the audience what they want. Which I think is fantastic. I loved friends, but by the time that series was over and you looked back on it, it was just 10 years of Ross and Rachael getting together and finally making it work. Why not give that relationship to these people before you end your show. Let the audience have that gratification, let them actually spend time with those characters in a healthy relationship that they have been hoping and waiting for.

Desert Bus for Hope is coming back.

I was a little worried when we first started to talk about this 4 or 5 months ago (yes we planned ahead of time) We had our hearts set on the stars and we were really hoping for the best. And the more time passed and the more NO’s we recieved my heart started to sink again. And then things started to look up again and slowly they went back down. It was extremely hard to get excited about this event until very recently (Like 5 days ago) And while this year isn’t going to be exactly what we were hoping for, I still think its going to turn out really well. I mean we have already raised 500.00 dollars and we only opened up for donations like 40 hours ago.

So mark it down on your calendars folks. November 28th and 6:00PM the desert bus will be departing once again @

Anyways, it’s late, I’m tired and you really need to have a shower.


Let us all fight for our right to have an ejoyable time.

Good morning to all that read this wonderful excuse for a blog.

Where to start….
Well work has been mind numbingly BORING!! And it has nothing to do with the actual work, rather the complete lack of anything to do. And while to some that may sound like a god send for me, not so much. You see I don’t get paid by the hour or salary. I am paid on a job to job basis. Now normally there is more than enough work for me to do during the week and make some decent coin, but the last little while has been SLOW AS FUCK! Which means not only am I bored out of my mind, I am also not making any money!! HOORAY!

I have been computer repair man the last couple days. First was Adams new computer that arrived that I actually had a pretty easy time taking care of. Problems arose (a given, while building a new computer) but nothing to major that wasn’t fixed pretty quickly. The one down side was the Video Card we ordered arrived DOA, which is a pain in the ass. Next was my computer. Something got messed up with a program I use to take advantage of my dual monitor setup. It was frustrating but I got it sorted out. After that was Ashleys laptop (A GIANT POS) that has given her nothign but problems since day one. So I now have to reformat that peice of crap. And finally was Jeremys Computer, this one isn’t so bad. Just needed to back up all his stuff and then do a reinstall of windows, of which I am doing Thursday (hopefully) I don’t mind doing Jeremys cause it gets me out of the house and hanging out with people I don’t usually get a chance to see. And while I have no issues with my current situation when it comes to my firends, its nice to get a chance to hang out with another couple.

Wrath of the Lich King comes out… tonight actually. I won’t be playing it till Friday afternoon but i fear for my soul. I want to take this time to tell my friends and family that I love them and hope they will wait for me on the other side 😛

I have been digging the shit out of Jonathan Coultan since PAX this past August. Here is one of the songs i am a big fan of. It is NSFW, you have been warned.

Come down and waste away with me.

Saying this has been a busy week for not only myself but the entire world would be a bit of an understatement.

First and formost we had this happen.

This was pretty niffy. I have witnessed a lot of back and forth between the two sides over the last couple days and its been pretty brutal at times. Personally I wasn’t to worried. I mean I wanted Obama to win and he did so thats great but to be honest I thought McCain would have done a fine job. It was really more Sarah Palin that made me nervous. Not because of who she is, but rather the experience she lacks. Now the agrument that Obama had little experience is all well and good but at least this is a man who has spent the last 2 years of his life to acheive one goal, become President. 3 months ago the world had no idea who Sarah Palin was.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Tofino again. That place is starting to bore me. I know for a fact I have to make that drive at least once more this year, but after that I am done. I am never driving to Tofino again. I will go to Tofino, I will enjoy staying in Tofino, I WILL NOT drive to Tofino.

Oh right, my Friday Five:


2. I have definately gotten a lot better over the last week about my eating habits. I would like to see myself eating breakfast everyday. Lunch has never been a problem, I always come home which means I am not eating fast food or anything like that. Dinner is where I really need to buckle down. Tonight I am going to have chicken.

3. Just ordered the parts for Adams new computer. Dummy is going to have a better PC than I do. DAMNNN!!

4. Go check out the website If you aren’t a regular viewer now is the time to start. Episode 1 and 2 of CommodoreHustle are up and people are enjoying them.

5. Thank god its friday. I look forward to next week. I’m only working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Should be a good week.

Oh hell yah

Now for the sake of my driving Victorian readers this picture was taken at the chevron in Duncan. And while we in the city haven’t quite got down this low, it’s a good sign!

Saturday Seven

1. As I said in my previous post last night was halloween and I didn’t really get up to much, EXCEPT watching about 9 episodes of The Office. I am falling in love with that show with each new episode, Jim is becoming one of my all time favorite TV characters.

2. I love my iPhone, this thing is the greatest gadget I have ever owned. If you have thought about picking one up get on it.

3. I am currently playing Fallout 3, its pretty fantastic.

4. My Xbox 360 is borked 😦 So i need to try and get it fixed or I am going to have to buy a new one.

5. I think i mentioned it last time I did one of these but I still need to eat better.

6. Adam suggested we watch “Last of the Mohicans” tonight and then he went to bed early. Now I want to watch the movie. Bastard.

7. I haven’t shaved in like a week and a bit now. I can’t really say i can grow a proper beard or anything but I seem to be getting compliments about it and it makes me look a lot older. Maybe I will keep it for a bit.

Halloween was yesterday, true story.

So halloween was last night, I did pretty much nothing to the power of 2. I chilled with Ashley, Michelle, Adam and a handful of Ashley and Michelles friends as they got ready for a party. I have some site related stuff to take care of today but when i get home, as i forgot to get “friday five” done yesterday I will be doing the elusive saturday seven.