Come down and waste away with me.

Saying this has been a busy week for not only myself but the entire world would be a bit of an understatement.

First and formost we had this happen.

This was pretty niffy. I have witnessed a lot of back and forth between the two sides over the last couple days and its been pretty brutal at times. Personally I wasn’t to worried. I mean I wanted Obama to win and he did so thats great but to be honest I thought McCain would have done a fine job. It was really more Sarah Palin that made me nervous. Not because of who she is, but rather the experience she lacks. Now the agrument that Obama had little experience is all well and good but at least this is a man who has spent the last 2 years of his life to acheive one goal, become President. 3 months ago the world had no idea who Sarah Palin was.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Tofino again. That place is starting to bore me. I know for a fact I have to make that drive at least once more this year, but after that I am done. I am never driving to Tofino again. I will go to Tofino, I will enjoy staying in Tofino, I WILL NOT drive to Tofino.

Oh right, my Friday Five:


2. I have definately gotten a lot better over the last week about my eating habits. I would like to see myself eating breakfast everyday. Lunch has never been a problem, I always come home which means I am not eating fast food or anything like that. Dinner is where I really need to buckle down. Tonight I am going to have chicken.

3. Just ordered the parts for Adams new computer. Dummy is going to have a better PC than I do. DAMNNN!!

4. Go check out the website If you aren’t a regular viewer now is the time to start. Episode 1 and 2 of CommodoreHustle are up and people are enjoying them.

5. Thank god its friday. I look forward to next week. I’m only working Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Should be a good week.


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    Great post.

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