Let us all fight for our right to have an ejoyable time.

Good morning to all that read this wonderful excuse for a blog.

Where to start….
Well work has been mind numbingly BORING!! And it has nothing to do with the actual work, rather the complete lack of anything to do. And while to some that may sound like a god send for me, not so much. You see I don’t get paid by the hour or salary. I am paid on a job to job basis. Now normally there is more than enough work for me to do during the week and make some decent coin, but the last little while has been SLOW AS FUCK! Which means not only am I bored out of my mind, I am also not making any money!! HOORAY!

I have been computer repair man the last couple days. First was Adams new computer that arrived that I actually had a pretty easy time taking care of. Problems arose (a given, while building a new computer) but nothing to major that wasn’t fixed pretty quickly. The one down side was the Video Card we ordered arrived DOA, which is a pain in the ass. Next was my computer. Something got messed up with a program I use to take advantage of my dual monitor setup. It was frustrating but I got it sorted out. After that was Ashleys laptop (A GIANT POS) that has given her nothign but problems since day one. So I now have to reformat that peice of crap. And finally was Jeremys Computer, this one isn’t so bad. Just needed to back up all his stuff and then do a reinstall of windows, of which I am doing Thursday (hopefully) I don’t mind doing Jeremys cause it gets me out of the house and hanging out with people I don’t usually get a chance to see. And while I have no issues with my current situation when it comes to my firends, its nice to get a chance to hang out with another couple.

Wrath of the Lich King comes out… tonight actually. I won’t be playing it till Friday afternoon but i fear for my soul. I want to take this time to tell my friends and family that I love them and hope they will wait for me on the other side 😛

I have been digging the shit out of Jonathan Coultan since PAX this past August. Here is one of the songs i am a big fan of. It is NSFW, you have been warned.


2 comments so far

  1. morningaftershow on

    hope you feel better soon! mainly so we can fix this piece of shit PC of mine. I really wish I had paid more attention to computers in school. blah!

  2. Shandi on

    Man, I feel for you with your computer issues because I see Jason dealing with the same all the time. He is currently working on salvaging my old laptop which died in August.
    For December while school’s out, I will be choosing between two of your interests. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to resubscribe and play Wrath, or brush up on my guitar. That is a good song. Bet I could learn it pretty quick…

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