Because God told me to.

So what have I been up to for the last couple days.

Work has picked up a bit which has been nice. I was out at this house today in East Sooke, crazy nice place with crazy nice views of the East Sooke Park. If i was extremely wealthy that would definately be my summer home. Its one of those jobs where the owners spent almost double what I make in a year on blinds for their home. That always hurts my head. I mean I understand they aren’t cheap and everything but my god, does tens of thousands of dollars really need to be speant on blinds? I am almost certain the answer is no.

My last post had me whinning a little bit about being “the computer guy” as of late. Its a love hate relationship really. I don’t mind working on my friends computers but sometimes when shit goes horribly wrong (ie. Adams computer) it starts to get on my nerves. I was over at Jeremy and Corals place tonight helping him get his computer all formated and up and running again. Pretty cool way to spend my Thursday night, instead of sitting around my own house watching TV and chatting with my roomates, I was at their house watching TV and chatting with them. Been a while since i hung out with another couple, the only thing missing was the other half of my couple, maybe I should invite them over on a Thursday for Pizza, Beer (that I could actually drink) and The Office (segway)

God I love that show. Thursday is the best night for TV, you got The Office and 30 Rock. Two of the best shows on television right now.

Those two make up my all time favorite TV couple. The last couple episodes have kind kept you guessing what is goign to happen with them. They keep leading you to believe shits going to go down again, but at the last minute they turn it around and give the audience what they want. Which I think is fantastic. I loved friends, but by the time that series was over and you looked back on it, it was just 10 years of Ross and Rachael getting together and finally making it work. Why not give that relationship to these people before you end your show. Let the audience have that gratification, let them actually spend time with those characters in a healthy relationship that they have been hoping and waiting for.

Desert Bus for Hope is coming back.

I was a little worried when we first started to talk about this 4 or 5 months ago (yes we planned ahead of time) We had our hearts set on the stars and we were really hoping for the best. And the more time passed and the more NO’s we recieved my heart started to sink again. And then things started to look up again and slowly they went back down. It was extremely hard to get excited about this event until very recently (Like 5 days ago) And while this year isn’t going to be exactly what we were hoping for, I still think its going to turn out really well. I mean we have already raised 500.00 dollars and we only opened up for donations like 40 hours ago.

So mark it down on your calendars folks. November 28th and 6:00PM the desert bus will be departing once again @

Anyways, it’s late, I’m tired and you really need to have a shower.



3 comments so far

  1. morningaftershow on

    we should totally do a an Office Thursday… my only concern… is I got to put the baby to bed. but next time drag your half over and make her drive, then you can drink pints….

    well, don’t “make” her drive… ask nicely.

  2. Emperor Gum on

    It’s a fair point about the Office; the British version didn’t do that. Also, “Corals”? Huh.

  3. Coral on

    you SHOULD invite us over to your house for an office night!

    And yeah, Im catching up on your blog.

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