There Are Much Worse Things To Believe In

So Christmas is coming up soon. In fact its only one month away as of today.

Its a funny time of year isn’t it? I know a lot of people who seem to be fed up with Christmas and what it has become. You know those people, the ones who think marketing and toys and the big box stores have ruined what is suppose to be the happiest time of year. Or those people who truly believe in saying Happy Holidays and all that nonsence. Heven forbid you tell a Jewish person to have a Merry Christmas. I would like to think we live in a time where people will just take that as a “I hope the next couple weeks treat you well and you enjoy your time with family and friends”

Its this stuff that has gone through my head the last couple years. And then when I got home today I finally got a chance to watch “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All” and what a fantastic watch that is. I would suggest those of every faith and believe structure to give this show an hour of your time. The music is top notch and its funny as hell. But the final song that really got me thinking. Its called “There are much worse things to believe in” And it goes a little something like this.

Go here for the video:


Elvis: There are cynics, there are skeptics
There are legions of dispassionate dyspeptics
Who regard this time of year as a maudlin insincere
Cheezy crass commercial travesty of all that we hold dear
Stephen: When they think that
Well, I can hear it
But I pity them their lack of Christmas spirit
For in a world like ours, take it from Stephen
There are much worse things to believe in.

Elvis: A redeemer and a savior, an obese man giving toys for good behavior
Stephen: The faith in what might be and the hope that we might see
The answer to all sorrow in a box beneath the tree
Find them foolish
Elvis: Sentimental
Stephen: Well you’re clearly none too bright
Both: so we’ll be gentle
Stephen: Don’t even try to start vaguely conceiving
Both: Of all much worse things to believe in

Stephen: Believe in the judgment, believe in Jihad
Believe in a thousand variations on a dark and spiteful god
Elvis: You’ve got your money, you’ve got your power
You’ve got your science, and all the planets going to end within the hour
Stephen: You’ve got your dreams that don’t come true
Elvis: You’ve got the ones that do
Stephen: Then you’ve got your nothing
Both: Some folks believe in nothing
But if you believe in nothing
Then what’s to keep the nothing from coming for you

Stephen: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Now if you’ll forgive me there’s a lot to do here
There are stockings still unhung
Colored lights I haven’t strung
Elvis: And a one-man four-part Christmas carol waiting to be sung
Stephen: Call me silly, call me sappy
Call me many things, the first of which is happy
You doubt, but your sad
I don’t, but I’m glad
Both: I guess we’re even
Stephen: At least that’s what I believe in
Both: And there are much worse things

The message in this video is pretty simple. Yah Christmas has gotten commercial and what not, but there are much worse things to believe in. Which is so insanely well put.


2 comments so far

  1. martini on

    i adore this song. i heard it and realized the depth of it all

  2. marko jacko on

    man i love that song and the message that it gives is something we all needed to hear

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