One more day.

So as i type this post we are just a mere 27 hours away from taking that wretched bus for another couple trips between Las Vegas and Tucson. Things are shaping up pretty well all things considered. I would be lying if this is what we were hoping Desert Bus 2008 to be, but you know what? Things are looking pretty damn good. We have some cool people calling in through out the event. Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy fame will be showing up for a hour of driving fun. Jeremy Baker from the Zone is hoping to stop by on Monday and take the bus for a spin. As of right now we are sitting comfortably at 1600.00 dollars and a solid 70 hours of play time. Which means we are going till at least Monday @ 4pm.

Please make sure you take some time this weekend (and more than likely early next week) to stop by and check out how we are all doing.


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