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Fun in the sun

This is where I will be spending the next 2-3 hours. LAME!!!!


Oh man, This was a bad time of year to think about doing a long blog post, I have been either to busy or to tired. So I will look into getting that list finished in the new year. As for now I encourage you all to have a super awesome New Year and lets make 2009 a damn good year.

Snow much Snow

Good god there has been a large amount of snow in this city over the past week, and with another 10-20cm tonight it doesn’t seem to want to stop. I have been kinda on the fence about the snow this year. On one hand I love the winter, I love the cold and I love the snow. However I generally have more time to enjoy it than I have this year. Not to mention of the main downsides of this snow thing is having to drive around in it day after day. My van has been pretty damn good in it actually, no major loss of control or anything like that so that has been good.  Oh well, its here and should be around a few more days at least, hopefully I can get out and enjoy it tomorrow.

Christmas is stupid soon, I am pretty much done my shopping. I didn’t really have that much to get done this year what with my family opting for the Secret Santa thing as the majority of us are heading to Mexico in January. Should be a good next couple days. I have been saving some money for Boxing Day shopping so hopefully I can pick up a few goodies on Friday.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday Season, I shall return tomorrow with the continueation of my top2008 list.


The Top 16-20 of 2008 (Part 1 of 4)

So with it being the end of the year, blogs and sites alike are putting out their “Top X” lists. They might be music lists, movie lists or just moments that have happened over the past year. Well in keeping with end of the year tradition I plan to do the same. However I am going to do a Top 16-20(not sure what I will end up at) of 2008. It’s a mix of Music, Movies, World Events and Personal Events. I do not plan on making the whole list in numeric order but each section will be. I apologize for any spelling mistakes or grammar issues, I am not a writer and don’t really mind the mistakes, I feel you will still understand what I am trying to say, plus it adds character 😛

To start us off I am going to do my personal events of 2008:


The original plan; go to Vancouver with Duncan, hit up the Radiohead concert and then proceed to embark on our planned road trip. Go straight from Vancouver to Calgary in one day, chill in Calgary for a couple days (Duncan would leave to go to Medicine Hat, while I stayed behind) then we would make the short drive to Edmonton, check out the mall and then gun it back to Victoria. Minus going over to Vancouver together to see the concert that is exactly what happened. We left Vancouver early Thursday morning I think and made it all the way to Calgary by 10:00pm. The big event for this trip was I got to see Lissette for the first time in 2 years. It was a grand old time, Tagg and Nat happened to be visiting at the same time so it was quite the blast from the past with some Marcel and Duncan mixed in for good measure. It should also be mentioned it was the first time I have ever been outside of BC but still within Canada. I got to check out the city, hit up some really tasty restaurants, go to the gun range and just sit around be kind of lazy and hang out with some old friends. Edmonton was somewhat of a letdown I have to say. The mall was not really the best thing ever as I had been told. Now, I didn’t do the water park which I understand is a large aspect of the experience but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay THAT much to play in a pool for 3 hours.

Notable Moments: Lissette stealing the large carrier of assorted breakfast condiments, the gun range, and I really enjoyed the drive home. I drove the whole way from Edmonton to Vancouver all the way through Jasper it was a really nice drive.



I knew coming into 2008 I was going to keep myself pretty busy concert wise. By the end of January I knew for a fact that I would be hitting Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Cake all within a one month (or so) period. Of the three concerts Foo was far and away the best of the bunch. Me, Ashley, Michelle, Duncan, Ben and Robin all headed over to Vancouver to meet up with Allen as his place, have a few beers and then make our way to the concert. I knew going in that it was going to be a concert to remember, and I wasn’t disappointed. A few weeks ago it was made even sweeter as the band announced they were going on a long term hiatus. So I was extremely happy I got a chance to see them when I did. It was a blast, they played pretty much every song they needed to and they had such amazing energy.

Notable Moments: The trip to the concert from Allen’s place, My Hero live and Ben being so drunk he passed out and missed the majority of the concert.



Don’t get me wrong, the Foo concert was amazing, and I got to share it with some awesome people. But Radiohead is and will continue to be for sometime the best concert I have ever been to. Quick back story, I was aware for some time that Radiohead was coming to Vancouver and I knew I HAD to go. So I changed my start page for Firefox and keep my eye open for when the tickets went on sale. I had been having computer issues for a couple weeks and they all amounted to a busted ass computer for about 4 days. In those 4 days the tickets went on sale and completely sold out within minutes. To say I was a little upset would be an understatement. But I feared not, came to my (and Duncan’s) rescue, and we were able to secure two tickets for only 15% more than ticket price (I would have paid 100% ticket price) Then the unthinkable happened. During a move Duncan misplaced the tickets and was unable to find them. Luckily for me, Matt (who was also going, along with Graham and Kathleen) was stuck with an extra ticket which I scooped up. Duncan was unable to come after dropping an already large amount of money on 2 pieces of paper he just threw away :P.

The concert itself was amazing. It was an outdoor concert at Thunderbird Stadium with thousands of people. Radiohead hit the stage and played two of the most amazing hours of music I have ever bared witness to. It rained and then it rained even harder, but no one cared. We just watched. I mentioned the energy the Foo Fighters had during their concert. Radiohead doesn’t do “High Energy” shows. But Thom Yorkes ability to connect with the audience is uncanny. I spent the majority of the Radiohead concert by myself, as I lost Graham, Matt and Kathleen early on. It was odd, I was expecting to have to avoid dumb people and stupid little fan girls but then it dawned on me; I’m not at the My Chemical Romance concert. I’m with a huge group of awesome people who are there to enjoy the music (and smoke a lot of weed) and not act like total fucktards; it was a nice change of pace.

Notable Moments: The Beer Garden, They managed to play every song off the new Album (which you will read about later) and the Rain.


1. DESERT BUS 2008

This is a hard one to put into words, as I am still trying to come to terms with what we actually managed to get accomplished. Originally when we started talking about doing Desert Bus again it was something completely different from what we ended up doing. We had these grandiose plans of going down to Seattle and being put up in a hotel for a week with the use of a small conference room. Then we would go about inviting as many “Guest Drivers” as we could possibly get. People in the gaming industry, Mike and Jerry from Penny Arcade, Wil Wheaton and Felecia Day, and whoever else we could think of. As the date came closer and closer we found ourselves without a location and the inability to be able to invite these people to the event. Then an opportunity arose that would see us all go to Vegas and do this event from the Rio hotel. After a couple weeks of back and forth with the people down there it was decided that this year was not going to work. So we just ended up doing exactly what we did last year, with a couple notable differences. First off we decided against doing it at Bill and Morgan’s place instead opting for the Office and we did manage to get a lot of people involved, but over the phone. In the end I spent 5 of the most amazing days of my life with the people I love, raising money for a terrific cause and getting to chat with some pretty rad people. Somehow we managed to beat the already impossible feeling total of last year, and not only did we beat it we tripled that motherfucker! $70,423.79 was raised in the end and it’s a number that is still beyond comprehension.

Notable Moments: To many to even try and weed through, the whole thing was awesome


Other events that I need to mention are PAX 2008, that was incredible. 3 days with 50,000 geeks is something to remember. Next year I think it will make this list. Me and Ashley went to Powell River in the summer. It was my first time there in one of the warm months, it was super nice. I look forward to getting up there again next summer now that her parents have a cabin on the lake.

So that’s it for part one of my top 20 of 2008. I will return Sunday with my top movies of this past year, Wednesday we shall cover world events over the past year and I will end things out with my top albums of 2008. Just writing this portion has reminded me that while 2008 saw its fair share of crap, it was a pretty amazing year and it boggles my mind I am another year down in this thing called existence (figure I would leave on a “deep, emo” thought)

As my friend Jeremy says

Go with yourself (Never sure what exactly I am suppose to do with myself, but it always makes me laugh)

The most slightest of delays

So I said the other day that I was goign to get my “Top 20 of 2008” up in the next day or so and then i proceed to write it. And then I wrote some more, and I realized I was writing far to much for one blog post. So tomorrow I am going to be putting up part 1 of 4 posts that will be my “Top 20 of 2008” As for today I have the following to comment on.

I LOVE SNOW. I live with a couple people (who will remain nameless) that hate the snow. I can understand why both of them aren’t the biggest of fans right now but still. SNOW!!!!
That’s pretty much all I have on that topic really. Apart from the usual “If you don’t think you should be out driving then you should NOT be!!!”

Next thing I want to say is I have made a new years resolution for myself. Now obviously its beyond cliche and overdone to say “I AM GOING TO LOOSE WEIGHT AND GET IN SHAPE FOR THE NEW YEAR” I have never said that to myself and don’t plan on it. HOWEVER!! My New Years resolution this year is to enter into the Times Colonist 10K and actually be able to run the whole thing in 45-50 minutes. I would be extremely happy with myself If I could make that work. So I am going to look into programs in the new year that get you trained up for it, as I have never run at 10K and haven’t really been the most active of people since High School. If I loose weight in the process then all the better, but I just want to be able to finish that run.

See you tomorrow with part 1!


Does it even need to be said.

So yah. Shower heads are just getting silly in terms of sexual innuendo. I mean a 8 year old could pick up on this.

Could it be? Snow?

Sup peoples.

So I was taking a look at my Blog Stats last night and my lord when I started this thing there were actually quite a few of you reading this thing. Unfortunately those number have gone downhill since then and I want to turn that around. That will hopefully fix itself as I continue to update this blog on a more regular basis.

Today is not the day for a big update as I have things to do and people to see. One thing I did want to mention is that I have decided to really try and get myself back into my Twitter account. You can find that by clicking this like :

Anyways. Please add me up if you haven’t done so already and hopefully you will see me doing that twitter thang on a more often basis.

I leave you with this picture from Butchart Gardens Last night (I’m not in it cause I took it)


As for this blog I will be back within the day or two to get my top 20 of 2008.

Back to things

All right blog world, lets get back to how this place should look like.


I stumbled upon this video today while doing my daily read and I really liked it so I figured I would share, cause thats the kind of guy I am.

Oh yah, I have a blog.

Dear Blog,

I am so very sorry I haven’t paid you much attention over the past 2 weeks but alas my time and energery has been else where.
See: Here, Here, and Here

My Deepest Regards



But to be clear the last two weeks have been some of the most memorable, and most crazy I have ever lived. As anyone who reads this blog knows me and the guys got together to hold this funny little charity drive called “Desert Bus for Hope 2”. Now we did this last year (hence the 2) and we had great success. In fact at the time it was monstrous success that we didn’t even imagine possible. 22,800 was raised last year and all by playing a dumb little video game and letting anyone who felt like it watch us do so. This year was no different, with the exception of bring in a couple special caller (Here, Here, Here, Here and Here) It was beyond crazy. We raised just over 70,000 dollars and had an amazing time doing so. Thank you to anyone and everyone that supported us. Donaters, Chatters, Viewers, Friends, Family, Guest Callers. You all rock beyond words and you have all doomed us to do this next year, and the year after that and so on and so forth.

2008 is coming to an end. I plan on making a top 20-30 list (not sure how long it will be yet). It will be a combination of music, movies, moments of the last year (both of my own and world events) with some “witty” remarks by yours truly. Expect to see that…. no later than March 15th, 2009.