Oh yah, I have a blog.

Dear Blog,

I am so very sorry I haven’t paid you much attention over the past 2 weeks but alas my time and energery has been else where.
See: Here, Here, and Here

My Deepest Regards



But to be clear the last two weeks have been some of the most memorable, and most crazy I have ever lived. As anyone who reads this blog knows me and the guys got together to hold this funny little charity drive called “Desert Bus for Hope 2”. Now we did this last year (hence the 2) and we had great success. In fact at the time it was monstrous success that we didn’t even imagine possible. 22,800 was raised last year and all by playing a dumb little video game and letting anyone who felt like it watch us do so. This year was no different, with the exception of bring in a couple special caller (Here, Here, Here, Here and Here) It was beyond crazy. We raised just over 70,000 dollars and had an amazing time doing so. Thank you to anyone and everyone that supported us. Donaters, Chatters, Viewers, Friends, Family, Guest Callers. You all rock beyond words and you have all doomed us to do this next year, and the year after that and so on and so forth.

2008 is coming to an end. I plan on making a top 20-30 list (not sure how long it will be yet). It will be a combination of music, movies, moments of the last year (both of my own and world events) with some “witty” remarks by yours truly. Expect to see that…. no later than March 15th, 2009.


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