Could it be? Snow?

Sup peoples.

So I was taking a look at my Blog Stats last night and my lord when I started this thing there were actually quite a few of you reading this thing. Unfortunately those number have gone downhill since then and I want to turn that around. That will hopefully fix itself as I continue to update this blog on a more regular basis.

Today is not the day for a big update as I have things to do and people to see. One thing I did want to mention is that I have decided to really try and get myself back into my Twitter account. You can find that by clicking this like :

Anyways. Please add me up if you haven’t done so already and hopefully you will see me doing that twitter thang on a more often basis.

I leave you with this picture from Butchart Gardens Last night (I’m not in it cause I took it)


As for this blog I will be back within the day or two to get my top 20 of 2008.


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