The most slightest of delays

So I said the other day that I was goign to get my “Top 20 of 2008” up in the next day or so and then i proceed to write it. And then I wrote some more, and I realized I was writing far to much for one blog post. So tomorrow I am going to be putting up part 1 of 4 posts that will be my “Top 20 of 2008” As for today I have the following to comment on.

I LOVE SNOW. I live with a couple people (who will remain nameless) that hate the snow. I can understand why both of them aren’t the biggest of fans right now but still. SNOW!!!!
That’s pretty much all I have on that topic really. Apart from the usual “If you don’t think you should be out driving then you should NOT be!!!”

Next thing I want to say is I have made a new years resolution for myself. Now obviously its beyond cliche and overdone to say “I AM GOING TO LOOSE WEIGHT AND GET IN SHAPE FOR THE NEW YEAR” I have never said that to myself and don’t plan on it. HOWEVER!! My New Years resolution this year is to enter into the Times Colonist 10K and actually be able to run the whole thing in 45-50 minutes. I would be extremely happy with myself If I could make that work. So I am going to look into programs in the new year that get you trained up for it, as I have never run at 10K and haven’t really been the most active of people since High School. If I loose weight in the process then all the better, but I just want to be able to finish that run.

See you tomorrow with part 1!



3 comments so far

  1. Jer on

    I’m gonna start biking again when I can afford a new bike. You should come trail riding with me in the spring!

  2. Duncan on

    Dude, we used to have to do 6-12k runs every double block of PE in high school at GISS. It’s not something to take lightly, even the most fit of us had trouble. If it’s something you want to do, more power to you. Just want to make sure that this isn’t a passing fancy like our “let’s both get a gym pass and go together”.

  3. Tim on

    I would have started with the goal of a 5K in 30 minutes, but way to set the bar high.

    Also the only time i did a 5K, I walked the majority of it and made it with a time of 1h00m27s. And I’m one out of shape motherhubbard.

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