Snow much Snow

Good god there has been a large amount of snow in this city over the past week, and with another 10-20cm tonight it doesn’t seem to want to stop. I have been kinda on the fence about the snow this year. On one hand I love the winter, I love the cold and I love the snow. However I generally have more time to enjoy it than I have this year. Not to mention of the main downsides of this snow thing is having to drive around in it day after day. My van has been pretty damn good in it actually, no major loss of control or anything like that so that has been good.  Oh well, its here and should be around a few more days at least, hopefully I can get out and enjoy it tomorrow.

Christmas is stupid soon, I am pretty much done my shopping. I didn’t really have that much to get done this year what with my family opting for the Secret Santa thing as the majority of us are heading to Mexico in January. Should be a good next couple days. I have been saving some money for Boxing Day shopping so hopefully I can pick up a few goodies on Friday.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday Season, I shall return tomorrow with the continueation of my top2008 list.


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