So long 2008

It’s done! Not only is the holiday season of 2008 over and done with, 2008 itself is finished. Time to get back to reality (or as much as possible considering I got to Mexico in 3 weeks) 2008 is a year to remember that’s for sure, I just want to thank every person out there that has in some way or another made my 2008 a year to remember. I know a couple LRR fans read this blog and I want to thank you guys. Your desire to keep coming back every week and support me and my friends do what we do is one of the greatest gifts I can ask for. All my friends and family you guys kick ass, my life wouldn’t be what it is without you. To all the acquaintances I have met or reconnected with over the last year I hope 2009 is the year that we can replace the boring word acquaintance with friend.

2009 has amazing potential to blow 2008 out of the water. Of course that won’t be the case If I don’t do something about it everyday day to make sure I am getting everything out of life that I want.

It was nice knowing you 2008!

Lets get this shit started, welcome 2009!


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  1. Lissette on

    Were you wasted when you wrote this? lol

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