A day in the life of James

So I haven’t had much of a chance to post in this blog since the new year came around, but things have finally started to settle down, so lets not see if I can get back into the swing of things.

To start us off I am going to do a day in the life of post. My days don’t typically warrent a blog post and today was no exception but it’s getting late and I don’t feel all that creative, so sit back and enjoy the life that was James Turner – January 8th, 2009

I managed to roll myself out of bed this morning just after 8, which wouldn’t normally suck, but for whatever I couldn’t get to sleep last night and didn’t end up getting to bed till around 4am. Needless to say I felt more awake and alert this morning than the past 3 mornings after a full 8 hours sleep. Go figure.

I skipped breakfast, as I was pretty sure I had nothing in the house (As an aside, I later returned early in the afternoon for a quick break only to realize I had a perfectly good grapefruit in my fridge) I made my way down to the office and picked up a box of brackets that I needed for my first job of the day. Its a job just across the Johnson St Bridge in a new Condo called “Bayview” super nice place that I could never imagine owning a place in for many years to come. Regardless i got there only to discover that they were doing a whole whack of work (painting, flooring) in the two suites that I had some work to do in. I managed to find a couple other things to keep me occupied at the building but only ended up spending about an hour there (was suppose to spend almost 3)

So I headed back to the store and found another little job that kept me busy till lunch at which point myself, my dad and the one of the owners headed up to Shark Club for lunch. Ok food i guess and I mean its a bunch of good looking girls wearing very little, but it really more caters to the average bussinessman.

After lunch I quickly poped back to the office to grab a couple more things to keep me busy for a couple hours this afternoon. I managed to get everything done by just after 3:00, so I headed home and enjoyed the hosue to myself and continued to play Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (cool game, if you have a PS3 try it out) I played until 4:30 at which point I dragged my lazy butt down to Ashley’s office to pick her up from work. We came home and she headed off to the gym and I just chilled here. Chatted with adam while he played WoW, hooked up his new free TV, surfed the internets, watched some TV and headed down to grab some dinner (I was unmotivated so I just grabbed some Tim Hortons)

Crawled into bed with Ashley around 10:30 and watched MuchMoreMusic for a bit. I realize after only half an hour of that crap, that music videos are just not what they once were. Now I am sure there are some great videos out there, but overall the quality has gone way down since I use to really pay attention to those things. At 11:00 I switched it over to the Daily Show and the Colbery Report and Ashley eventually drifted to sleep. Now I sit alone at my computer not that tired writing this blog post, wishing that I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow.


So as you can see, pretty boring stuff. Hope everyone else out there in blog land had a good day.

Laters Skaterz


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