My favorite things Jan9/2009

This is going to be a new and hopefully continuing series on my blog. Fun things I have come across on the Internet on my daily travels.

First off I need to throw out my fav. quote for the day:
“But please feel free to boycott all of Fox’s 2009 releases on general principle. Not that “avoiding predictably awful movies” counts as much of a boycott.”

That is in reaction to Fox’s poor handling of all that is the “Watchmen” saga. If you don’t know whats going on here is a very abridged version

  • Fox had the rights to this movie in the early 90’s, they got rid of the rights soon after.
  • WB picked those rights up and made what is suppose to be a fucking rad movie
  • Fox, in there infinite fucking intelligence, now says they didn’t REALLY sell off that property
  • Now they want to delay the release of the movie.

Its all very stupid and had led to a lot of hardcore movie geeks instate a year long boycott on all Fox produced flicks. Good times



Click the above picture to be taken to the download site.

This is something that i discovered back in 2006 and have been loving every year since. If you like mash-ups you will enjoy this album.

And along the lines of mash-ups I would also encourage all of you to hop over to and check that out, also pretty damn cool.

Thats all for today folks, ENJOY!


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