String to somewhere.

String to somewhere., originally uploaded by JamesLRR.

I was up in Summit Park for a little walk this afternoon when I happened upon a very random piece of string tied to a tree a good 20′ up. I tried to think of all the reasons as to why someone might tie a small piece of string to a tree 20 feet up and leave it a good 6 feet from the ground. I came up with the following

1. It’s a marker to remember where treasure is buried.
2. Its the entrance to a race of tiny little people who are able to jump high enough to grab on to the rope and climb up.
3. Aliens did it.

So as you can see I didn’t get far, but I did take a picture that after a little tweaking turned into something I quite like.


2 comments so far

  1. morningaftershow on

    gorgeous pic!

  2. Shandi on

    That is a beautiful photo. I was walking along Richmond yesterday and was quite startled to walk into a key hanging from a tree branch on an Elmo lanyard. Well, I nearly walked into it, but I’m short. Someone any taller surely would have. It was just tied there, dangling. After a scan around and puzzled moment I simply went on my way.

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