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Project 365: Day 1

Project 365: Day 1, originally uploaded by JamesLRR.

Over on the LoadingReadyRun forums about a dozen of us are trying our hands at Project 365. The idea being you take your camera with you as often as possible and post a picture a day (you don’t NEED to post EVERY day, but at least take a picture each day, and then post them all together at a later date)

So day 1 is from a Scrabble game that was played during our (myself, Ashley, Adam and Michelle) trip to Salt Spring. It was pretty close between me and Michelle until I was able to add that ‘y’ to the end of ‘Stormy’ and then spell out ‘Yawn’

Not sure if I will post EVERY picture from this project on my blog, so if you want to keep following the adventures of me taking pictures, check out my Flickr account: