20 Defining Albums

So my friend Jeremy posted a neat blog entry about “20 Special Records”  today that got me thinking. Listing my all time FAVORITE 20 albums would be pretty hard. I have a lot of music I love, and to try and figure out the top 20 would take some time. So instead I went another direction and have listed a bunch of albums that have stood out over the years. There are albums here that wouldn’t make my top 20 but there are a couple (I will mark the ones I know 100% would be in my top 20) that would. These are records that have played major roles in my life and what I listen to today. I will be posting them in alphabetical order, no favorites, just music that has made me who I am. I will do a write up with some but not all.

*1. Barenaked Ladies – Gordon
One of the first records I ever owned. They were (at the time) all that was Canadian when it came to our music scene (Them and The Tragically Hip). A couple of guys from Ontario that made it big.  It had THE song, “If I had a 1000000 dollars” which will always be a goodie but I think the song that I love the most from this album is “What a good boy”. This album HAS to be in my top 20, it was the first band I ever really loved. I got to finally see them when they were in Victoria a couple years ago, it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. 

2. Ben Folds Five – Whatever and ever Amen
This is an album my friend Jer introduced me to back in grade 10. Grade 9/10 was a big year for me and music. This was just one of the many bands i was introduced to during those years.  It’s one of the few albums I can sing every word of. Nothing to do with me but “Song for the dumped” got played a lot for part of that year. With my favs being Smoke and Battle of Who Could care less.

3. Blur – 13
I have no idea how I cam across this album, or even the band for that matter. I seem to recall Blur and Oasis batteling it out in the mid 90’s trying to win the prize of the best of brit pop. But this album holds a song that I fell in love with the moment I heard it, “Coffee and TV”. I recall listening to this album a lot in grade 11 I believe. Another “High School Album” (There were lots)

4. Cave In – Antenna
This album came out just before the summer of 2003 I think. I remember Chris coming over to Bill and Allens place over on Beachwood with this album and played it for us. I love it. It became the soundtrack to that summer.

5. Fatboy Slim – You’ve come along way, baby
Another classic high school album. I was a electronic freak for the better part of my teens. To be honest it’s still a bit of a guilty pleasure. This is one of the more mainstream loves I had for the genre. Along with The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk they were generally more accepted amoung the general populas so I had no issue enjoying these albums in public.  And of course it had “Praise you” on it, and who doesn’t love that music video.

*6. Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape
I don’t feel I need to justify this, Foo Fighters are and will always be one of my favorite bands to listen to.

7. Smash Mouth – FUSH YU MANG
This is the album that most people question, or don’t even know exsists. I got this when I first signed up for Columbia Records back in the day. I love this album. Its such a fun listen. If you haven’t ever listened to it, please do so. I feel the world would be a better place if everyone did 😛

*8. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication
No album has ever gotten so much play in my life. To this day I can still sit down and listen to it from front to back and love every minute of it. If I had to pick a “Soundtrack to High School” it would have to be this album.

*9. Reel Big Fish – Turn off the Radio
Another grade 10 album. Listened to the hell out of this at the back porch (anyone from Oakbay will get that refrence… I was cool)  Started my lifelong love affair with these guys. I have now seen them twice and its not enough. 

10. Elvis Costello – Get Happy
This is another one that I can’t remember where I was introduced to it. But its a fantastic album and I love Elvis, hes awesome.

11.  Stars – Set yourself on Fire

*12. Crystal Method – Vegas
This is the album that I make sure I always have on any music player I own. I love this album. I think Angelle introduced it to me back in grade 9 and I have this vivid memory of us sitting in the cafeteria listening to this album talking about whatever grade 9’s talk about. 

13. The Who – Tommy
Classic The Who, pretty sure my Dad use to listen to this, and I have enjoyed it ever since. PINBALL WIZARD!

14. Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind
Yet another high school record. Allen wouldn’t stop listening to this album. And in turn I heard it alot.

15. Weezer – Blue

*16. Radiohead – Kid A
Raidohead is my band, its my go to for anytime I want to listen to great music. This album blew me away when i first heard it. I had been a fan since  OK computer and I had always thought that was as good as they could get, I was proved wrong and then wrong again when In Rainbows came out last year. 

17. Jimmy Eat World – Clarity/*Bleed America

Thats all I got. I am sure there are many more albums that i just can’t think of this second but thats a pretty good list. Again these aren’t my all time favs (some of them are) maybe one day i will get around to making such a list. 

* = In my top 20

EDIT – It occurs to me that this didn’t quite work out in alphabetical order. Oh well.


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  1. morningaftershow on

    ha, I had that Ben Folds records!… hey funny story in regards to Stars and Ben Folds (both on your list)…


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