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Ashley, originally uploaded by JamesLRR.

This is my girlfriend, shes pretty and this is one of my favorite pictures of her. Mind you I took it so I am a little biased.


My Music listening habits

Something that my brain is always been fascinated at, is peoples stories, I love them, sometimes I can’t get enough of them. Its the reason the only books i read anymore are biographies or even better, auto-biographies. I love to read about people growing up in far different circumstances than I, hearing about their little quarks, and odd tenancies. The thought that there are over 6 billion other people in the world and that everyone of them has their own story to share is something I love to try and wrap my head around. So if anyone still reads this blog and has any reading suggestions for me please let me know in the comments. The last couple books I have read are Bill Clinton’s, Anthony Kiedis and Steve Martin’s of which i would recommend any of them. Mind you the Bill Clinton book is a pretty long read.

So in keeping with the theme of this post I wanted to share with you how I go about listening to a new album. For this particular example I am going to be talking about Coldplay’s newest album, Viva La Vida. First and foremost I want to go ahead and let you all know I throughly enjoy this album, I am a sucker for Parachutes (their first album) so this comes a close second. In fact musically, this is far and away Coldplay’s best album, but I have other reason’s as to my liking for their first.

So it goes something like this, when i get the album I listen to it on average 2 or 3 times the first day I get it. In that time I will judge weather I want to even think about spending more time with it or if it gets shown the door right away. If it can pass my first day, I will listen to it a couple more times all the way through for a couple weeks. No real rhyme or reason to when I listen to it, but I make sure it stays in my mind for a couple weeks. Something new I have been doing ever since I started to drive is I will take the album with me for a couple days to be able to listen to it while driving around. I find it gives me a really good chance to have it on while not paying 100% attention to it. Then I’m done, if a song pops up while I have my media player on random I will listen to it and enjoy it but other than that I won’t go out of my way to listen to it, and then after a good couple solid months of not listening to the whole album all the way through I will pull it out again. I would say 90% of the time this will be my favorite listen through of the album (it reigns true with Coldplay)

I couldn’t tell you why i do this, its just something I found myself doing a couple years ago and didn’t make any effort to stop myself from doing it. I can guarantee it pisses Ashley off when I start a new album, she hears the same songs over and over again and gets pretty angry, its cute really. I’m not suggesting anyone else goes out and does this. I wager many of you have your own specific ways of tackling a new album, or even a movie for that reason. Anyone out there got any good album listening techniques you want to share?

I don’t Know

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week but I haven’t had much time to get out and take some pictures, which in turn has hurt my Project 365. Hopefully I can get back into it this week and get myself caught up.

Some things I want to share with you folks today. I was watching Colbert last night and he had a women by the name of Lisa Hannigan on. She’s an Irish musician and actress that played the song “I Don’t Know” off her new album Sea Sew. I really dug it and grabbed her album this morning before work. Managed to get through it when I came home for lunch. I really like it.

I honestly thought I had more to share with you all today but alas I can’t for the life of me remember what else I was going to show you. Sorry to get your hopes up but you will just have to enjoy that album and check back here in a couple days for more interesting stuff.

So its no surprise that I read a lot on the net. Like more than I should. Seriously you should see my RSS Reader is rediculious. But once again I was graced with yet another perfect reason why not only do I love the internet, but also my reading habbits of it. Because I wouldn’t have come across this amazing video if not.

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Project 365: Day 11

Project 365: Day 11, originally uploaded by JamesLRR.

My first solid attempt at a picture of the moon. Not horrible but could have been far better if I had actually bothered to take my tripod with me on my walk. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

God bless the iPhone and people like this

So this is a video by a group called¬†the Mentalists¬†who have taken their iPhones and iPod Touches and recreated a very immpressive cover of MGMT’s “Kids”

Project 365: Day 9

Project 365: Day 9, originally uploaded by JamesLRR.

Me and Ashley had a quick trip up to Tofino this weekend for a little job I had to do. Long drive for just a one night stay but accommodation was on them and it was a really nice place so I figured what the hell.

I have gone up to Tofino about 10 time in the last year. I started taking advantage of that drive, its beautiful. This picture was taken at Lake Kennedy, just between Port Alberni and Tofino. If you haven’t done that drive yet, you should find an excuse to.