My Story

So today I asked my followers on twitter to send me one word replies, for which I would create a story using said words. That was a bad idea. You people sent nothing but crazy words that were impossible to work into a story 😛 But I tried my hardest and this is what I came up with. The words in ALL CAPITALS are words that were suggested by you. I apologize if your word wasn’t used, I tried to use every word i received before calling for an end to the words (but they kept coming) so without further ado.

FRACK! yelled the RETIRANT TAXIDERMIST as the TITMOUSE continued DICKING with his MANGLED METATARSAL. DOM was to busy DISSECTING a SMURFS STROMBOLI sandwich to help the TAXIDERMIST or even notice the ASHES being EXPUNGED from his HELMET. Luckily their SALACIOUS YORKSHIRE terrier (known to be quite the SPRIGHTLY BREPHOPHAGIST) who was eating CANDYFLOSS in a BOXCAR had an IDEA to avert this CRISIS. He pulled out his lucky GOONCH tail, and called up the ANTIPODEAS and ESTOVAN, who were all known for their SMOOTH GESTICULATING abilities. Hoping to INVALIDATE the situation DOM broke into a BOISTEROUS SOLILOQUY about MICSELLANEOUS aspects of his ILLICIT lifestyle. DOM was quickly DEFENESTRATED which lead to the TRANSCEIVER being destroyed. Oh the IRONY!

The End.


8 comments so far

  1. David on

    That’s actually very awesome. I laughed heartily 😀

  2. Tim on

    Hah. Nice.

  3. MCM on

    Just think: if you did one of these every day for a week, your vocabulary would expand exponentially!

    That, and you’d probably go insane. But you’d be a well-spoken lunatic!

  4. Shandi on

    Good show sir!

  5. Kisho on

    Damn. Wish I’D thought of defenestrate.

    Also, good job. That was worth a giggle.

  6. Corey on

    it reminds me of madlibs, if it were written by some kind of retarded dictionary robot. I chortled, great job!

  7. MasterGunner on

    I lol’d. Nicely done James.

  8. Corey Dutson on

    Well done! I’m glad Estovan got into the final cut. You should make this a weekly feature.

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